rick dangerous (doctorbob) wrote in teenagekicks,
rick dangerous


Are they shite, or are they really good?
Opinions please.
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i llike them

you would.
I haven't decided yet. There a bit on the 80s side but I was an 80's kid so I can handle that
i'm still deciding too.
i do love "emerge" but is that the most sort of *single* type song? cuz it gets a lot of radio play. i need to hear more songs! can u recommend any??
HI, I've just joined the community and I've never been in one before so please be gentle (God, I sound like a caller on the Dr Frasier Crane show.....)
And as for Fischerspooner, I haven't really made up my mind yet. Sometimes I like them, sometimes a bit annoying, depends on the day.
Alex x
I still think they're the NME's april fool's joke.